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NGP is a leading innovator, manufacturer and solution provider of, state of the art, automated parking systems. Our highly reliable systems are designed with a user-friendly software interface using commercially available products. In Addition, our systems are Safe, Reliable, Space Efficient, Customizable, and Environmentally Friendly.

With over two decades of accumulated experience, NGP has built its capabilities from a technology provider to a one-stop solution provider. Our highly qualified, multi-disciplined team has the inbuilt capability of providing customized solutions that are attuned to the needs of the client and an ability to maximize opportunities through a deep and thorough understanding of the complex and unique characteristics of each project.

As such, the satisfaction of our clients arises, not only from providing functional and reliable systems, but also from our unique integrative approach. Our long, hands-on experience has allowed us to refine our understanding of issues that go beyond the technology: urban fabric of the neighborhood, community needs, environmental considerations, traffic patterns, street layouts and how they relate to the built environment and aesthetics are some of many considerations that are integrated into our final design.


After purchasing the Patented Apex Skypark automated robotic car parking system, which was developed in Sweden 20 years back, the technical team at NGP continued regular research and development on the technology. Various versions and prototypes have been developed over that period to come out with the very best Next Generation Car Parking System.

COST SAVINGS – Robotic Parking Garage utilizes high density parking within compact structure. Lowers cost of ownership by decreased land volume, lower insurance costs and minimal utilities and maintenance requirements.

LAND UTILIZATION EFFICIENCY – Land use is about 50% less than a conventional concrete garage; basically we give you more for less. It’s your choice, either 50% more cars in the same space as concrete structures or about 50% less land usage for the same number of vehicles.

DEVELOPMENT TIME – Robotic Parking Garage takes about half the time to build as a conventional concrete garage.

SAVE, SECURE, AND RELIABLE – Safe, simple, and user friendly vehicle drop-off and pick-up points located at ground level. Secure storage area with no human access or intervention. Highly reliable precision controlled mechanical mechanism use industrial grade commercially available components.

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