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Edinburgh, Scotland

610 Spaces

The AutoSafe Automated Parking System, originally engineered and designed by Sky Park AB using the currently owned patented technology of Apex Skypark, Inc. Located downtown in Edinburgh's busy City Centre, it provides parking for two commercial buildings and the Edinburgh International Conference Center.  Our Robotic Parking System provides 610 parking spaces, uses (12) robotic trolleys, (8) vertical transporters, and (8) combined entry/exit modules. Construction was completed in July 2000.

Originally, this site was slated for a maximum of 300 cars using a conventional concrete parking structure. However, the efficiencies gained with the Robotic Parking System allowed the developer to add an additional 54,000 square feet of high value office space.

Location - Edinburgh, Scotland

Operational - July 2001

Capacity - 610 Cars

System includes - (12) Robot Trolleys; (8) Vertical Transporters; (8) Combined Entry/Exit Modules

Building Type - Steel frame structure with sheet metal façade

Application - Commercial Offices and Public Parking


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