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Szepark - Szeged, Hungary

151 Spaces

Engineered and designed by Sky Park AB using the currently owned patented technology of Apex Skypark, Inc. The primary concerns were security, downtown congestion, lack of parking and excessive pollution. Maximum security is provided to customers using the Skypark Automated Parking System by not allowing pedestrian traffic into the garage. In terms of downtown congestion - the parking structure utilized land space savings of 63% and 58% building volume as compared to conventional concrete structures. Additionally, all Apex Skypark Systems are "Environmentally Green" by design - Our facilities admit no greenhouse gases or automotive emissions and run on energy efficient state of the art low power consuming products.

Location – Szeged, Hungary

Operational – April 2003

Capacity – 151 Cars

System Includes – (2) Robot Trolleys; (2) Vertical Transporters; (1) Entry Module; and (1) Exit Module

Building – (8) stories, structural steel frame with concrete façade

Application – Mixed Use


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